1. Riwai was such a great host! We are so glad we did this tour! We had great company, great conversation, and learned so much about Christchurch we would have never known. He has a passion for his city and was so kind and hospitable. We had great coffee, and great food while walking around the city! He gave us recommendations for the rest of our stay here. I’d highly recommend this experience! Kate - USA

    We are so glad we did this tour!

  2. Cate, Riwai and Lou are the lovely hosts and make you feel like part of the culture. Their energy, love and belongingness to Christchurch are the key aspects which make me wanting to know more about Christchurch history and my own connection to this beautiful place. My partner and I loved your hosting and warmth nature. - Sahil, India

    You feel like part of the culture

  3. People who genuinely operate from the heart and are 1000% authentic. I live in Christchurch and their walk was jam packed with things I didn't know about my city! Their passion for the place reignited mine. Thanks Cate, Riwai and Lou for your care and for sharing your history and hidden gems with us.  Sylvia - New Zealand

    People who genuinely operate from the heart

  4. These guys are amazing. So down to earth and knowledgeable. A must do in CHCH. Helen - Australia

    A must do in Christchurch.

  5. Had an amazing night with Amiki in Christchurch, last night. Would 10/10 recommend Amiki! They are amazing, professional and have such a knack for telling the heart and the deeper stories of Christchurch City. Kate S - New Zealand

    Knack for telling the deeper stories of Christchurch City.