Riwai Grace has been finding lost and disappointed tourists since 2005.

Since the first Christchurch earthquake in September 2010, he has been working in the central city.  Passionate about manaakitanga, his heritage and his hometown, once the red zone reopened he made a point of visiting the central city as much as he could.   He walked his dogs around the river and gardens and began pointing visitors to his favourite city spots,

With co-founders Cate and Lou we are passionate about creating a world where people are welcomed as strangers and farewelled as friends.

Creating experiences where manaakitanga and exceptional service are the norm, Amiki is aimed at professionals who travel the world, are curious about cultures and exploring local ways of living. We exist to connect visitors to urban suburbs to quality unique experiences.

Launched in Christchurch in November 2018, Amiki are local, authentic storytellers who host tours on foot weaving the laneways and river revealing our hidden heritage and taonga.

Written by Cate Grace

Cate has travelled a challenging road to become one of today’s elite personal trainers in New Zealand. After battling chronic health conditions, Cate decided to change her course in life and look to the fitness world for help, and hasn’t looked back. Cate is the founder of Leap Fitness and Motivation located in Christchurch, New Zealand. She believes everybody has good news to share and is dedicated to inspire and empower people who have faced adversity to leap2it! to a healthier, fitter, stronger and happy life.

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