C is for Cathedral Square. Oh and so so many C’s in this post 😘 Ok so we all know the cathedral and its fate are not decided. We highly recommend grabbing a coffee from @thecaffeinelaboratory at 1 New Regent Street, (they were the first container cafe to open after the earthquakes before they moved!). Then walk across the road to Cathedral Junction to see our old government building in a different light turn right and then walk down to Cathedral Square. The square it’s self has an incredible history and some of this can still be found. Did you know that the Godley statue commemorates “the founder of Canterbury”. There is this incredible Challice by Neil Dawson that has stood proudly through all of our earthquakes!  In the north corner check out our giant Chess Board and currently (2017) Art by Chris Heaphy and Sara Hughes… I think you could spend a few hours people watching here or quietly reflecting in the whare or imagining when it was a bustling central meeting point surrounded by buildings and work places… and imagine if we all did that – once a week! How busy would our city centre feel 💕 So amazing. #chchZtoAProving there is loads of cool stuff to do if you know where to look 👀

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