He waka eke noa
A canoe/journey upon which everyone is welcome to embark 

In mid 2017 while on a visit to our inner city we wondered where all the people were. About the same time, we were sad to hear and read in media, that locals, new migrants and tourists had an impression that Ōtautahi was a boring city.

We wanted to change impressions!

We are also passionate about people moving more and doing physical activities together. We combined these passions and our idea for a guided-treasure hunt was born.

Thanks to the Christchurch City Council our first official tour Hidden Taonga – Discovering Ōtautahi set off in October 2017.   Taonga means treasure in Māori and during our research and development for our walking tour, many hidden taonga were discovered and explored.

It morphed into a well received walking tour, and treasure hunt weaving around the inner city, learning and exploring our rich Māori and European heritage.

It was a great success and in 2018 and beyond we are developing our korero (storytelling) as we continue to bring to life more of our rich Maori heritagealive.   It is important to us to we pay respect to our Tipuna who settled in and around Otautahi.

We will weave in stories passed down to us that explain some history of our ancestors particulary in the creation of trails to mahinga kai, our economic resources, places for nourishing the body with food and trails to the homes of relatives to food and exchange markets.

We will celebrate our heritage with fond memories of Canterbury’s rich European Heritage and how the richness of both cultures, resources and nature has given shape to the city we live in today.

We invite you to join us as we weave through laneways,  hidden squares, gardens, and past sculptures, historic buildings and landmarks; exploring and learning as we go.

Our local tour guides provides a unique combination of facts, fun, story telling and good old fashioned kiwi hospitality.

While we are in our own discovery stage we are running our tours on demand.

As our city changes so do our tours, to date our participants have been as young as one and as mature as 87!    Each tour slighly different due to this being such a tranisitional city.  What we do know it will always begins and ends in walking distance of Cathedral Square,  it will always be more than 90mins but a maximum of two hours,  and on flat ground, so a high level of fitness is not required and is suitable for buggies, and most with accessible needs (just make sure you let us know when booking)

Please contact us to discuss your availability and we will do our best to meet your needs!

Mā te wā (see you soon)

Cate Grace
Founder and Wayfinder

on behalf of our HQ Crew
03 967 1652



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